The coming global social crisis

Today Reuters reported Iceland’s population is demonstrating for a change in government. This is the beginning of a global unrest which will unseat various governments around the world, spurred by the financial crisis. WW1 began seven years after the financial crisis of 1907. WW2 began seven years after the financial crash of 1929. We have been watching this crisis like watching a slow motion car crash from the comfort of our living rooms, but as the crash proceeds unimpeded through the window and wall and into our homes we will rise in indignation. How dare this affect our lives, break our legs and puncture our hearts! Expect the news of numbers to be replaced by the news of civil strife in 2009. First USA and Europe, then second world and finally third world countries.

What about China and India? While the rest of the world shakes in its boots, the biggest news out of China and India in the last month is that BOTH countries have launched their space missions… First, a few weeks ago China slingshot their first astronaut past the statosphere and this week India catapulted their first rocket towards the moon. If you have spent any time in either ‘country’ (both far larger in population than the entire collection of countries that make up Europe or the Americas) you will know the world’s economic turmoil hardly feature on their radar. Neither country have announced any radical currency or liquidity measures to boost their economies. So sell dollars. Buy reminbi. Buy rupees.

Not convinced? US Dollars will depreciate by 20%+ in the next 12 months against the yuan despite its current strength (brought on by funds deleveraging) . A new global body will be created out of necessity in the next year, as the crisis within the real economy becomes real. By the current action of many Governments (which amount to little better than a department store extending credit to their most greedy, over-extended platinum store card holders. When that fails, they buy a stake in their house and promise it’s OK to come back and shop again). As John Maynard Keynes – the creator of the Bretton Woods Agreement that was dismantled in 1971 by Nixon and has led to the monetary policies that have led us into this government concocted mess – says, “The day is not far off when the economic problem will take the back seat where it belongs, and the arena of the heart and the head will be occupied or reoccupied, by our real problems – the problems of life and of human relations”.


The Clinton Global Initiative – New York to Hong Kong

This week the CGI meets in New York. This will be followed for the first time this December with a second meet taking place in Hong Kong – marking the largest ever gathering of change makers in Asia. Those invited to atted make specific commitments and while attendance is by invitation, the commitments are made public (This is where Branson announced profits from Virgin Atlantic going to a renewable energy investment fund).

The changes have been huge (Since 2005, CGI members have made nearly 1,000 commitments to improve over 200 million lives in 100 countries.) So I’m looking forward to our attendance this year and a number of XL Members have been invited to join me in Hong Kong. You can also get involved by supporting the work taking place here: or by making your own commitment here:

You can also have a look at the CGI Video on my Youtube Channel here

Vision 2020



In 2000, the United Nations Millennium Declaration, signed by all 191 UN member states, set a target to halve world poverty by 2015, and end poverty by 2025.

In 2002, XL Results Foundation was launched to help make World Wide Wealth a reality. We set a goal to create a worldwide foundation of learning and networking resources for entrepreneurs to accelerate their ability to create and contribute wealth. The aim of this global, self-supporting network is to provide an ongoing cycle of creation and contribution. 

We are now six years into that journey

Whereas the classic learning institutions of the 20th century were united by pride of place, we see the learning networks of the 21st century united by pride of purpose. The purpose of XL Results Foundation is World Wide Wealth: a concerted and simultaneous creation and contribution of wealth, with 10% of new wealth created each year being contributed to the sustainable prosperity of the environment and our next generation.

By 2020 our goal is to have reached $1 billion of new wealth created annually, with $100 million being contributed and leveraged to end poverty and environmental degeneration.

How are we making this happen? Where are we now, and where will we be in 2020?


When we launched in 2002, we had a vision of entrepreneurs connecting with each other through a global network, with information, knowledge and opportunities being exchanged daily. The right network dissolves the illusion of limited resources. It strips us of the excuse that we don’t have enough money, enough knowledge or enough time. You don’t need money if you know the people with money. You don’t need knowledge if you have the mentors with the knowledge, and you don’t need time if you have the team committing their time.

By 2020, we will have an international network of entrepreneurs, connected from the youngest and the newest to the most seasoned and accomplished. We will be conducting over 150 monthly events with leading speakers and entrepreneurs sharing their knowledge and stories around the globe. Any individual committed to growing their power to create and contribute will find an environment and support base in every one of the top 100 economies in the world.

Economists call ideas nonrival in the sense that one person’s use of an idea does not diminish the ability of others to use it as well. This is why we can envision a world in which everybody achieves prosperity. – Jeffrey Sachs, The End of Poverty


For the full XL2020 Vision, Visit: