Social Enterprise Meets Social Network

With the speed of change online, at XL we’ve struggled to find the best online network to use (Right now we have XL groups in Facebook, Ecademy and LinkedIn). So it was great to see Ashoka and Kiva featured in this week’s Newsweek Magazine (“Power to the Bottom”).

If you’re not familiar with these two organisations, Ashoka is the first social entrepreneur network created (the founder, Bill Drayton, was the first to coin the phrase “social entrepreneur” over 25 years ago). They’ve recently set up their own social network called “Changemakers”. Kiva is a brilliant microfinancing site set up by Matt & Jessica Flannery which has already loaned out $49 million by having 340,000 Kiva lenders each giving loans from as little as $25 through the networking site.

Have a read of the article (above) and then join me on Ashoka’s Changemakers.