Remembering the Future

How do we prepare the next generation for the future?

Singularity University in Silicon Valley is the model to follow, and we’re inviting a group of changemakers in April 2011 to experience it first hand.

“It’s not about knowing what the future holds.
It’s about knowing who holds the future.”

I attended the SU executive programme in 2010. Only in its second year, the university was founded by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil to tackle a fundamental question – How can we harness exponential technologies to solve the grand challenges of humanity?

Tackling the future through education is not easy. Academic rigor is convergent, yet the future is divergent. SU solves it by bringing together the leading academics and leaders in all the exponential technologies – biotechnology, genetics, robotics, nanotechnology, AI, energy, environment and finance. In the programs SU runs, these experts extrapolate the growth curve of each towards the singularities where they meet to solve issues that were impossible to solve efficiently before that point.

In this environment, you get a sense of our place in time, of where the biggest trends are that we can most easily serve and profit from. I also got an enormous sense of optimism – that the many global challenges we have not solved today will be solved tomorrow.

You can find out more about the Singularity University Executive Program here.

If you are ready for the trip of a lifetime, the next program is April 1st to 8th. Just drop me a message below, and we’ll be in touch.


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