Pachamama Alliance: Ecuador grants rights to nature

What rights does nature have? In 1948, the UN defined our rights as humans. Sixty years later, in 2008, Ecuador is the first country to give nature rights in their constitution. The Pachamama Alliance is behind the change. Bill and Lynne Twist (author of ‘The Soul of Money’) founded Pachamama to support the Achuar people in preserving the Ecuador rain forests. The movement has now become global and encompasses the preservation of our planet. I was at the Pachamama’s fundraising lunch in San Francisco this week, which was also supported by many of the Transformational Leadership Council members. This followed my first experience of a Pachamama Symposium in October which Marcia Martin & Tahnee Wolf ran in Bali after our EBS.

The symposiums are now sweeping the world, run in cities globally by trained leaders, giving us a clear picture of what we’re doing to this planet, and what we can do to change, through an immersive, interactive,  multi-media experience. Attend one as soon as you can. Unlike Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, which focuses more at the problem, the Symposium focuses at the cause and the specific solutions we can action now.

Here’s some immediate actions. Visit their site and watch the video, then provide your support. I joined Pachamama’s Stewardship Circle this week, and am pleased to say that XL Results Foundation will be supporting Pachamama and the global roll out of Symposiums. We’ll also be taking Lynn Twist and Marcia Martin on a World Tour in early 2009, so look out for the dates soon.


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  1. The Healthy Planet Foundation team (born out of XL) thinks this is great. Like our work, focusing on the solution and bringing our every day lives into contact with nature (even through the web like we do) also serves the wider goal – building a better legacy for our children and future generations.
    I will be in Mexico City next weekend if any XL or Pachamama want to learn more about how Healthy Planet’s links with the Google, King’s College, NASA and the UN’s environment teams are helping raise money for all the world’s 77,000 protected parks, then please contact me or the group on facebook.
    Shaylesh Patel, Founder
    Healthy Planet

  2. Hehhehehe
    What a small world 🙂 I’m so glad you got to attend a Luncheon Roger… I was volunteering with The Pachamama Alliance almost two years ago now, and was at the 2006 Luncheon, and helped get it broadcast onto the web through Google Videos..

    It’s a very very dear organisation, and I can only speak highly of the amazing work that Bill and Lynn have done, having lived with them first hand, and seen just how dedicated they are to the cause, I can only wholeheartedly agree with you about the importance of their work.

    I was also one of the first trained facilitators from the UK to get trained in delivering the Symposiums, and have seen the symposium itself grow and evolve into the international nature of it now 🙂 Look forward to seeing the schedule for the world tour, and if you need any help co-ordinating with the UK facilitator community, let me know, and I’ll be happy to help 🙂

    Just really excited now that these networks of XL Foundation, TLC and Pachamama are all inter-twining and inter-connecting 🙂


  3. I just read an article about this is Adbusters and am very pleased to see this take action,

    My family is from Ecuador which makes me even more proud!

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