Muhammad Yunus and the Financial Crisis

After my blog below on Muhammad Yunus and microfinancing, we met for a conversation on the financial crisis and the future of social business. The use of leverage can be used to break down trust or build up trust (in Grameen Bank, the average loan holder now has built $150 in savings for each $100 in loan). While macro financing has proven its power to sieze up flow when trust vanishes, micro financing is proving its power to open flow when trust is built up.

Link to the video on you tube is here.


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  1. pps. when I say seek truthful opinion pls do not misconstrue I don not say Mhd Yunus is “untruthful” I mean he may not be the best expert in this field to interview. (in my opinion). I commend his work, though I don’t feel the use of usury (in any circumstances) to empower the poor will solve the world problems. On the contary it’s patent that the excessive use of usury is what has put us in this mess in the first place. Donations can provide the same ‘flow’ of wealth, as well as the co-operative business models between lenders and working partner. 🙂 hope I don’t upset anyone, hehe….

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